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 Employee's Roster List
There are 847 Members

 Last NameFirst NameDepartmentFull / Part Time
  Bainbridge (Thibodeaux)   Kimberly     Part Time 
  Baker   Jeff   Alpine Drink Stand   Part Time 
  Balderas   Cynthia   RETAIL   Part Time 
  Baldwin   Roy   Parking Lot   Part Time 
  Bale (Thomas)   Melissa   Attractions   Part Time 
  Barajas   Ceasar F.   ENTERTAINMENT   Part Time 
  Barcenas (Barcenas)   Damaris   Retail   Part Time 
  Barcenas   Dominic   Games   Part Time 
  Barker   Amanda   Rides   Part Time 
  Barker   Amanda   Rides   Part Time 
  Barnes   Michelle   marketing/finance   Full Time 
  Barnes (Warford)   Tracy   Attractions   Part Time 
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