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 Employee's Roster List
There are 847 Members

 Last NameFirst NameDepartmentFull / Part Time
  Branch (Holmes)   Darla   Rides   Full Time 
  Branch   Douglas   Operations   Full Time 
  Branch   Ronald   Operations / Rides   Part Time 
  Breaux   Gary   Grounds   Full Time 
  Brimmage (Collet)   Cathy   Guest Services/Food Servi   Part Time 
  Brokaw   John   Rides/Entertainment   Part Time 
  Brokaw   John   Operations   Part Time 
  Brown (Spacek)   Janet   Merchandise   Full Time 
  Brown (Dunnahoe)   Jena   Operations/Rides/HR   Full Time 
  brown   metric   wash down/food services   Full Time 
  brown   porsha   food service   Part Time 
  Brown   Richard   Rides   Part Time 
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