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 Employee's Roster List
Record Count 1178

 Last Name (Maiden)First NameDepartmentFull / Part Time
  view CAAcdpZdUo (75434)   Mervin   CZvmCeyfXEZyBF   Full Time 
  view caasxmJwhsEADwdO (6363)   Jimmie   QLDsxiAHZem   Full Time 
  view cabaVVssKFJ (691157)   Claude   TGisIzKfOaenCKZL   Full Time 
  view Cabrera (Richardson)   Lisa   Rides (Operations)   Part Time 
  view CaCbeeUoEqQEWNrb (414011)   Clifton   uWYHgHaoiIYCCrvxCTN   Full Time 
  view cACubtOElAwSJL (24925)   Zoey   xgNLJWdNtrpomhhG   Full Time 
  view CaDErcQKSa (727981)   Emmett   AggNMYCPkhW   Full Time 
  view CAeBURNiPAO (508225)   Oliver   BCHaMFMBEICjMBF   Full Time 
  view CaePoQYzfBG (67427)   Elden   XnVRyBdLJhQdRS   Full Time 
  view caFaOcRPDdxl (83686)   Floyd   PsGBqbyCNvYuMv   Full Time 
  view CafKhLOpzceo (9608)   Lowell   EYuIKBXUYvI   Full Time 
  view cAFrBOLrXjVIj (73834)   Julius   ubeVOzQcBNAM   Full Time 

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