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 Employee's Roster List
Record Count 890

 Last Name (Maiden)First NameDepartmentFull / Part Time
  view Brooks   Chris   Park Services   Part Time 
  view Brown (Dunnahoe)   Jena   Operations/Rides/HR   Full Time 
  view brown   metric   wash down/food services   Full Time 
  view Brown   Richard   Rides   Part Time 
  view brown   porsha   food service   Part Time 
  view Brown (Spacek)   Janet   Merchandise   Full Time 
  view browne   erika   Food Service   Part Time 
  view Browne   Erika   Food Services   Part Time 
  view Browning   Tommy   Rides   Part Time 
  view Bryant   Terry   Attractions   Full Time 
  view Buckner   Charlie   Games and Attractions   Full Time 
  view Burch   Bob   Operations   Part Time 

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